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NUMBER OF PHOTOGRAPHS Over 50 colour photographs

BINDING Paperback

ISBN-13 9781849493819

FORMAT 248x187

RRP £14.99


Woolly Woofers

By Debbie Bliss

Over 20 knitwear designs for dogs of all shapes and sizes

Anyone who knows knitwear designer Debbie Bliss will be acutely aware of how devoted she is to her pair of pooches, Monty and Smiffy. In celebration of these treasured members of the Bliss household, along with all dogs everywhere, Woolly Woofers is a collection of over 20 knitwear designs for dogs – an irresistible mixture of cosy, cute and comic canine outfits.

No self-respecting dog is seen in the park nowadays without an urban-cool parka or on holiday sporting anything other than a chic Breton top and beret. Christmas affords ample dress-up opportunities for your pup to wriggle into a Santa Paws costume. And for the ultimate in canine couture, there is a knitted tweed cape and deerstalker inspired by the legendary detective Sherlock Bones. With dog owners never pottier about their pets, Woolly Woofers will have dog lovers everywhere howling with delight. Knitting for dogs has never been so chic!

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