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If you went down to the woods that day

A peek through the trees at the Woodland Knits photoshoots with Stephanie Dosen of Tiny Owl Knits.

Hoot! Hoot! Sometimes it is amazing what you discover down in the woods.

Especially if you happened to be in a particular copse in Cornwall this past September or a Kentish smallholding in March last year. You might have stumbled upon a parliament of owlies who were hanging out amongst the mossy trees and leafy glades. From two different continents, we had gathered to take photographs for the first ever Tiny Owl Knits book. And we were more that just a little bit excited…!



Stephanie Dosen had flown in from Colorado especially to revisit a place that has a particular draw for her – the mystical woodlands of the South West of England. The transcendental nature of the Cornish landscape worked its powers and infused all the shots we took with a liberal sprinkling of magic. Of course having terrific models who were clothed, made up, hair styled and then photographed by the ace team of Tiffany, Carolyn and Anna made the images endlessly fabulous. Our days were spent jumping in and out of our specially hired fun bus, dodging the worst of the raindrops and catching the clear skies when the clouds parted. Our evening were spent replenishing our energy supplies with fish and chips at a beach café in an idyllic North Cornish cove.

Just a few short months later we all gathered together again, this time in a log cabin on the small holding of Bill and Jackie who kindly allowed us to shoot the remaining photographs for the book amongst their woodland, horses and romantic Romany caravan. This idyllic unspoilt spot in the English countryside had Stephanie almost turning cartwheels when we arrived. Straightaway she recognised the Romany caravan from a past Rowan magazine story and ever since had dreamt of visiting this magical place. Her excitement made up for the unbelievably early start and the last-minute re-knits during the journey. It was the best shoot day fuelled by jacket potatoes and hot chocolates.

The excitement didn't stop there: patterns were written and checked, then they were designed alongside the photographs to create the pages of what developed into Woodland Knits, the first collection of Tiny Owl Knits designs to be gathered in print. The finished book was published in September 2013 in both the UK and the US. This coming September 2014, the book will be available in both German and Dutch, so a global community of owlies will be hooting in multiple languages!




Woodland Knits by Stephanie Dosen is published by Quadrille Publishing, £14.99.
The text and photographs are copyright and may NOT be reproduced without the written permission of the publisher.
All photographs © TIffany Mumford.
To find out more about Stephanie Dosen, follow her on twitter @tinyowlknits.

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